Why a Hoeflon spider crane?

The Hoeflon mini cranes are truly compact powerhouses. With these small but powerful machines, no job is too crazy. You can use this mini crane anywhere. What makes these spider cranes really special?


The compact all-rounder

First, its compactness. These mini cranes are designed to work in even the most confined space. The Hoeflon C1e, C4e and C6e even fit through an ordinary doorway with their dimensions. The maneuverability of these cranes makes the mini cranes extremely versatile.



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In addition, it is her precision that makes spider crane exceptional. Because these mini cranes are fully electric, the operator can operate the mini crane very easily and precisely. Especially in jobs such as setting glass, precision is very important. This is why Hoeflon spinning cranes are also widely used in the glass world.


These small cranes are not only very precise and compact, but also strong. Do not underestimate the power of these mini cranes. A one-ton steel beam picks up the Hoeflon C6e with Multitool with ease. Because of the technology Hoeflon uses on its spinning cranes, you can always see on your remote control how much weight you can still grab. You can really build with and on the Hoeflon spider crane!

Benefits of a Hoeflon mini crane demonstration

Now you know what all these Hoeflon mini cranes can do and what they can be used for, but even more fun is of course to see it in real life. Experience for yourself how easy it is to control the mini crane and how fast and precisely this crane turns. By seeing the mini cranes in real life, you will know how best to use them for your work.


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