Vacuum lifter S1000

Lightweight with high capacity

The Hoeflon S1000 suction lifter is a premium quality multifunctional glass lifter, with exceptional fit and finish, at a very competitive price.The suction lifter is versatile in use due to its large spread and compact basic unit. A unique feature of this suction lifter is its in-line design, which allows it to be used for windows as narrow as one metre in width.


Angle adjustment on the Hoeflon lifting arm provides extra safety and convenience for indoor glazing installation because the angle can be fixed in different positions. The overall width of the machine is very low, which means that work can also be carried out between the façade and scaffolding.

Unique features

  • Compact basic unit for glass with small dimensions
  • Spider shape with large spread provides greater ease of installation, speed and safety with large-sized glass
  • Lightweight design

Delivered standard with

  • Remote control
  • Transport trolley
  • Long lifting arm
  • Short lifting arm
  • Swappable battery system incl. spare battery
  • Protective covers for suction cups


  • Short lifting arm provides very compact dimensions for when glass installation space is limited
  • Long lifting arm allows almost vertical hanging of large-sized glass
  • Double vacuum circuit, meeting the requirements of the EN 13155 directive, ensures maximum safety and installation speed because external fall protection is no longer necessary
  • Radio remote control provides extra installation speed and convenience

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