Hoeflon C1e

Hoeflon C4e

Hoeflon C6e

Hoeflon C10

Hoeflon C30e

  • Lifts up to 9,000 kg
  • Up to 23 metres lifting height
  • Weighs 8700kg
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Hoeflon TC1


Hoeflon C600

Hoeflon Jib transporter

Hoeflon Lifting Beam

Hoeflon Multitool

Hoeflon S600

Hoeflon S800

Hoeflon S1000

Hoeflon cx5-l

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Large windows, heavy steel beams, industrial components and you name it. Construction workers and assembly workers used to lift these heavy loads all by themselves on construction sites. But those times are over. Right? We know how bad heavy lifting is, and health and safety is no longer responsible.


But what do we do in narrow spaces where no crane can reach? Then we use chain hoists, which lead to a lot of time wasted and annoyance, or quickly carry that thing inside anyway.


With Hoeflon's solutions, this is no longer necessary! Our small carrier and crawler cranes make heavy lifting a thing of the past. Investing in a Hoeflon crane will keep your employees vital and you will amply recoup the investment through, for example, less staff absenteeism and less lost time. In addition, our small cranes are increasingly used instead of a large telescopic crane, because the problem is not the heavy weight, but the space is too cramped.


Why buy a Hoeflon minicrane?

The minicrane offers the solution to take over heavy lifting work for lifting and assembling heavy (building) materials in spaces that are difficult to access, such as a roof, floor or basement.





The most powerful

The Hoeflon crane is known for its capacity. The Hoeflon cranes are the world's smartest mini cranes with the highest capacity.


The fastest

A C6e is at 16 metres within 2 minutes. Ready to hoist in no time!


The easiest

All Hoeflon cranes feature very simple controls.


The most flexible

The C1e, C4e and C6e are transportable on a trailer.


The safest

Machines with IQ, you will notice this when working with them. You can keep your attention on the lifting job instead of setting up the crane. Lifting capacity, jib angles and lengths are all shown in the remote control display. Hoeflon mini cranes are completely radio-controllable, including driving and outrigging.

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