Mini crane Hoeflon C1e

The little powerhouse

Our smallest powerhouse lifts up to 600 kg. Impressive, considering its small size and low weight. Its small dimensions allow it to go anywhere. The various drive options mean this machine can be used in any environment. This includes places like hospitals, where exhaust gases from a combustion engine are absolutely forbidden. Therefore we give you the option of choosing which drive you want to have built into your machine. Have a look at the options to see the choices you have for the C1e.


Because of its small design its net weight is low too. This makes it possible to transport this machine to other floors on a passenger lift so it can perform hoisting tasks there too. Transport is easy too: the C1 can be put in the back of a cargo van or on a trailer. Quite simply, this makes the C1 extremely flexible in use.

The remote control – which we make ourselves – is so user-friendly that it’s truly a pleasure to use. With the smart, integrated software in the crane and the display on the remote control, it couldn’t be easier for the user. Everything the crane observes is translated and displayed on the screen in easy-to-understand terms. The user is kept continuously informed of the percentage of the machine’s capacity currently in use, the boom angle, the mass on the hook, and much more. The user can therefore concentrate on the task at hand, rather than on the machine itself.

Capacity 550 kg
Max. hoisting height 5,6 m and 4,4 m without options
Boom outreach 4,6 m and 3,3 m without options

Battery drive

24 V


Remote control; proportional driving and hoisting

1st gear:

0.5 km/h

2nd gear:

1,1 km/h

Total weight

1060 kg and 960 with options

Hydraulic slewing range

136 degrees 

Load moment protection On overload 90% / 100%   

CE Marking

More information: brochure


230 V / 24 V

Extension section

30-degree range of motion

Hoisting winch

460 kg 

Crawler tracks


Crane mats

2.0 x 0.8 m

Storage box

0.5 m x 0.3 m x 0.3 m

Hand arm

30 degrees (up/down)

Work lighting LED

More information: brochure

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