Hoeflon VL500

Buy glass suction lifter: Hoeflon VL500

Our glass suction lifter has a unique feature: it can be radio controlled. This allows you to operate it at great height.
The VL500 hoists 500 kg.

Suction cups are removable. You can also fit extra suction cups, for long panes. Also works well for grabbing small panes from the glass rack. The large vacuum buffers make quick installation a snap.

Other benefits:

  • Low net weight
  • Battery for long use (9 hours)
  • Short attachment possible (bevelled buffers)
  • Endless rotation with stop every 90 degrees
  • 90 degree tilting range with lock at vertical position
  • Double circuit for extra safety
  • Handy transport cart
Maximum hoisting load 

500kg with 3 suction plates

250kg with 1 suction plate


800x415x240mm (narrow, 250 kg)

1630x415x240mm (wide, 500kg)

2070x415x240mm (extra wide, 500kg)

Charger 230 V 50Hz
Tilting range 90 degrees

40 kg

52 kg met accessories

Battery 12V


Remote control 50m range
Transport cart For safe and easy transport
Fitted cover

With useful storage compartment

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